Toronto Dreams

what it sounds like: Drake, OVO, 90's R&B blended with a special sonic character. 7 mini compositions for you to use in your beats.


Make your neighbors walls rattle! Dirty 808’s crafted with the perfect amount of thump.


Take your beats from your room to outer space. Warm, Rich, Pads from another galaxy.

Metro Thuggin

Get Inspired with trap sounds inspired by Metro! We made a playlist of his beats, studied, and made this!


Tired of using the same “Aye” chants? Full of dope vocals to hype up your new beat!

Main Stage

Crazy dope synth bank for any genre. A bank focused on mainly Leads and Basses!

Inspya Me

Instantly sound like a pro. Includes sounds decoded from famous radio songs!


Electric & unique synth sounds. Sweet spot distortion gives each sound a perfect ounce of grit.