Toronto Dreams

Get Samples Inspired By OVO & 90’s R&B

7 handcrafted mini compositions in WAV Format

This pack feels like Drake, other OVO Artists, and a dash of 90’s R&B meshed with a gritty but beautiful sonic character. You’ll be easily inspired with dope chord progressions, smooth melodies, and impeccable sound selction.


Is This Royalty-Free? You’ll be able to sell beats online with no royalties or splits being colleclted. For work done with Major Labels though, master clearance is required, hassel free, and GUARANTEED.


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Can I download new sounds instantly?
Yep. Your downloads will be delivered to you right away.
Are these samples royalty free?

Please review our license agreement in full for official terms. But to sum up our policy: ours samples you keep all of your profits for “Minor Releases”. So, you do not have to split any profits with us for sales you make for those releases. Such releases include on your beat store, youtube, soundcloud, spotify etc. However, for major label releases, royalties are split 50/50


Are there spot avaible?

As this is an exclusive club, spots are limited. Please check above to see if there are spots available, if not please join the waitlist to be notified when we re-open.

Do the sampels work with my music program?

Yep. These samples works with Mac and Windows and is compatible with: FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Maschine, Reason, Garage Band, Cubase, Studio One, Acid, Protools Reaper, and any other program music progam that loads audio files!