Frequently Asked Questions


Does it work with Reason

Not yet. We are looking to add Reason Compatibility later this year!

Does it work with Studio One?

The TrackGod VST is compatible with Studio One Professional. However it is not compatible with Studio One Prime or Studio One Artist. Only the full version of Studio One (Professional) allows you to use other companies VSTs.

For Studio One Pro users, We provide easy install instructions that way you can load it up and use it with ease.

Does it work with Maschine?

Yep the TrackGod VST is compatible with Maschine (all versions)

Here is an easy install video to give you a tutorial on how to load it up:

Does it work with GarageBand?

Yep the TrackGod VST is compatible with GarageBand (all versions)

Click here for easy instructions to install the VST on GarageBand.

Does it work with Cubase?

Yep the TrackGod VST is compatible with Cubase (all versions)

Click here for  easy install instructions to install the VST on Cubase.

Does it work with Ableton Live?

Yep the TrackGod VST is compatible with Ableton Live (all versions)

Click here for  easy install instructions to install the VST on Ableton Live.

Does it work with Logic?

Yep the TrackGod VST is compatible with Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X, and all other version.

Click here for  easy install instructions to install the VST on Logic Pro.

Does it work with FL Studio?

Yep the TrackGod VST is compatible with FL Studio (Fruity Loops)

Click here for  easy install instructions to install the VST on FL Studio.


What do I do if I’m receiving FL Studio 12, Windows 10 errors?

Unfortunately the combination of FL 12 and Windows 10 is known to cause errors for some users using certain VSTs. This is especially true for users who are on windows 10, but upgraded from 7 or 8 on that same computer.

If this is the case for you, please try the following windows updates:

This has been proven to work for some users. If none of these work, please contact me here

What do I do if I can’t hear any sound?

If you’ve installed the VST but can’t hear sound with the banks:

  1. You may have manually moved TrackGod files or folders after installation.
    • Fix: please re-install, without moving files after installation.
  2. It is also important to note that TrackGod VST only recognizes one drive location. Meaning all banks must be on whichever drive you selected during your latest installation.
  3. Fix: Move all files to the drive that you selected via your latest installer.

If this is not the case please contact me here for support.


Will you notify me of new bank releases?

Yep, we will notify you by email when we release new banks.

I only see my default bank

You will instantly receive your files via digital download. After buying, please check your email for your login info.

If you don’t receive your login info please check your spam or contact me here.

I just purchased, where are my downloads?

You will instantly receive your files via digital download. After buying, please check your email for your login info.

If you don’t receive your login info please check your spam or contact me here

How do you install the VST?

We have install tutorial videos on installing in your music program here.

This includes most of the Main DAWS, FL Studio, Logic, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One, Maschine, and Mixcraft. So if your having trouble loading the TrackGod VST, then please check out the link above.

How often do you release new banks?

We try to release an average of 2-3 new add packs a.k.a expansion banks every month.

How many sounds do I get?

The Basic VST package comes with 393 sounds and the Elite VST Package comes with 973 sounds, but there’s room for more!

After you have a VST package, you can then purchase additional expansion banks aka “Add Packs.” Add packs load right into the TrackGod VST.

Does it respond to midi?

Yep, the TrackGod VST is responsive to your MIDI controller. The knobs can be mapped and the keys can be connected.

Logic & GarageBand Crashing

We have release a fix for this. Please login to your account and download the latest update of the TrackGod VST/AU via the My Downloads Section ?

This issue before was that in one project you can only load 7-8 instances in Logic, Garage Band, and Maschine. Then after that, the next will be blank, and won’t produce any sound. Again, this has been fixed simply visit the link above.

Single Packs vs. Subscription vs. Premium Packages

Every month we release 2-5 new banks and new banks can be maintained in a few ways. The differences are explained below.

Single Packs –  You can get add packs by getting some pre-paid credits, then after you have credits you can unlock the add packs of your choice

Monthly Subscription Packs – You can get add packs by paying a monthly subscription, starting at 3 downloads per month. This is a money saver.

Premium VST Packages – These are our pre-selected VST packages: Basic and Elite. You get a bundle of go to sounds for a nice price, and you get a fully function VST. Most people start with these premium packages, then add expansion packs later on.

Are the sounds royalty-free?

Yep, the sounds are royalty-free. You have full rights to do whatever you want with the sounds after you make a purchase.

Does Elite come with everything on the site?

Elite is a big package, but it does not come with every single sound on the site. Elite is pre-packaged, yet we release new 2-4 banks every month. So there is no way that Elite would be able to keep up with that.

If you have Elite and are loving the sounds, but want to add more then we have the ability for you to get ‘add packs’ aka expansion banks here:

That includes a way to get unlimited downloads for 1 year!

Can I use it on multiple computers?

Yes, you can use the TrackGod VST on more than one system.

Do you have manual on how to use the VST?
Yep I put together a video on on to use the VST here:
How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your monthly billing with ease:

  1. Please login, then on your home dashboard there will be a “Cancel Monthly” button
  2. Simple click that button and follow through with those instructions.
  3. Here’s a quick link to cancel:
Do I have to add more banks after buying the VST?

No, you don’t have to purchase any more sounds if you don’t want to. The VST comes prepacked with plenty of sound banks (393+ sounds).

However, we release new Add Packs every month. So if you find yourself in need of some more inspiration, then you can get new Add Packs.

I’m getting a corrupt download

Corrupted download error messages are usually a result of one of the following,

  1. Not so great internet connection. Or internet briefly disconnecting while you’re downloading.
  2. Outdated Browser
  3. Trying to download multiple files a one time.

Try using a different browser, or downloading less files at one time.

Where’s the demo?

Want to try the TrackGod VST? Click here for the free demo.

Also, we have no set schedule for releasing more free content, but yes we do it here and there.

Sound Packs

Is there any contract or commitment?

Nope, there is no contract or commitment required for our monthly Add Packs plans. However, if you decide to stay longer then you’re in for some exciting bonuses!

Do I keep my sounds forever?

Yes, any sounds that you download are yours to keep forever.

We keep them activated in your account, that way you can easily re-download them in the case that you lose them.


Is this a VST or a full on music program?

TrackGod is a VST/AU which loads directly into your music program. Think of a VST as a virtual instrument that produces amazing sounds for you to create your melodies with. A music program or DAW is required to be able to use the TrackGod VST.

Examples of Music Programs (DAWs):

FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, Garage Band, Studio One, Cubase, Maschine, Acid and more.

How will I receive my purchase?

You will instantly receive your files via digital download. After buying, please check your email for your login info.

If you don’t receive your login info please check your spam or contact me here.

Will I be able to add more sounds to the VST?

Yes, we provide expansion banks, aka Add Packs, that way you can add more sounds to your collection.

The Add Packs load right into the TrackGod VST, and can be purchased here after you have already purchased the TrackGod VST.

Can I add my own sounds to the VST?

No, the TrackGod VST can only load sounds in our special format. We do upload new packs every month, and those can be purchased and loaded into the VST.

What’s the difference between Basic and Elite?

The difference between the Basic VST and the Elite VST is the amount of sounds, and the style of sound packs. Basic has, well, your basic essentials. Elite has your basic essentials plus specialty banks. That includes banks dedicated to trap, banks dedicated to EDM, banks with famous radio sounds, and more!

Basic & Elite both come with a fully functional TrackGod VST.

Can I upload from Basic to Elite for a discount?

Yes! If you try basic, we’ll give you a $20 credit to get Elite. That way you can upgrade without paying the full price.

Buying Elite straight up is the best way to save more money though!

Is the VST an instant download?

Yes your downloads will be delivered to you upon purchase via digital download. Be aware that this isn’t a physical product, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to quickly receive your files.

Right after checking out, your download info will be delivered to your email address.

Is there a free demo of the VST?

Yes there is a free demo for the TrackGod VST which can be downloaded by clicking here.

The demo will allow you to try before you buy, and it times out every 20 minutes.