6 Ways to Make Your Beats More PURCHASEABLE

Every producer wants to know: How can I get more beat sells? There are a trillion different ways. However, this method is unique. Though this reveal is very CRUCIAL it is not at all related to your marketing efforts!

You see, creating a dope beat is a good feat. You put in hours into creating your art, dope! But is it going to proke the ears of the people clicking play on you beat? Have you gone the extra mile to optimize your beat to make sure it gets you more sales?


If you are feeling lost, I have 6 easy techniques to making your beats more optimized.

1. The Attention Grabba

    • You have about 5 seconds before most users will click skip on your beat. Truth is maybe your beat sounds similar to something they already picked for their mixtape. So they click skip. But don’t just let them do that. Shock the listener!
    • Even if your beat sounds familiar if you shock the listener, he will be intrigued to listen.
    • To shock the listener, you must hit him with something unexpected that sounds cool still.  
    • You can shock the listener in a few easy ways: maybe with a distinct sound doing something cool to the beat, a catchy melody, a unique but dope sample flip, a sound doing some sort of special effect or movement, pitch wise, lfo and beyond.

2. The Attention Keepa

    • Don’t lose the listener, Shocking the listener’s ears is the first step but it’ll only get you so much time. You must keep his attention, and they way to do that is to prevent his ears from knowing what’s coming all of the time.
    • You have to add a little mystery in the form of transitions, drops, and switch-ups to keep the listener’s ears perked. Don’t underestimate the power of something as simple as a drop of the hi hats. Or a drop of the kick drum. Or a drop of the bass, etc. It can be minor or was dramatic as a complete melody change, or instrument change.
    • Including a little mystery element of ‘what’s next’ will keep you listener tuned for a good portion of the beat. Enough time to decide if he wants it or not. If you don’t keep his attention, it may be a dope beat, but he may just click that skip button out of boredom. Or even worse, click the back button on his browser and go listen to your completion.


3. Gimme Some Space Please

    • Unless you plan on making a beat tape for listening purposes, you need to leave room for the artist to feel that he can jump on the song and had his creativity.
    • Don’t fill up your beats with a bunch of non-sense melodies, even if they sound good! Regardless of how dope it sounds, it still has to make sense to the artist.
    • Could you imagine if a producer sends you a collab, but there is no room for you to really contribute? That would suck right?
    • Don’t do the same to the artist, even if not a live collaboration. It is still a collaboration.

4. Make It EASY

    • Everyone wants the easy way out, included Artists. Use methods that makes it easy for them to create a hit.
    • As producers our easy way out can be samples, midi’s, arps, loops, etc. Just little things we add to spice up the production. Artist want the same
    • Add a Hook: helps artists who aren’t the best hook writers but may have bars for days
    • Add Transitions: help to let the artists switch flows.
    • Make them feel almost as if the beat could carry the finished track on it’s own.

5. Trends for the Win

    • With the ‘type beats’ trend, 9 out of 10 of rappers want to be current and ride the wave.
    • I’m not saying to go out and copy and paste a song style, I’m saying that you do want to implement current stuff that sounds ‘familiar to the artists’ but within you own style!

6. Mixing Effects Perception


    • Going back to “Make it easy’ for the artist
    • You must also make it easy for the artist to envision them self on the song
    • Quite simply, If your mix is garbage, then it can be a huge turnoff for the artist. The artist may not even know why he thinks your beat is “OFF” but if the mix isn’t good. It may be hard to see the song being a good one.

BONUS: Develop A Unique Sound

  • If you really want to go all out and have dedicated customers. Then cook up a style of beats that no one else is cooking up. This may be a slower INITIAL route, but it will pay off big time when you have 1000 people who feel like that can get a certain style of beat ONLY from YOU.

  • Read out blog on how to get a unique sound [link]