• With TrackGod you will easily make trap beats & impress the rappers  in your beats store with sounds designed to make trap melodies sound like magic!  

  • Make more trap beats.. quicker! No more wasted time scanning & scanning through VSTs that aren’t straight from the culture.


  • You can use MIDI or live keyboard playing. If it’s a trap melody..  the sounds will sound good! So TrackGod is for beginners & pros!
  • Works with FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Reaper, Studio One, Cubase, Garage Band, and most other daws EXCEPT Protools. Compatible with windows and mac except BIG SUR.

”TG 2 is one of my favorite plugins on the fly. It’s lightweight, robust, doesn’t jack up my CPU and the sounds are well curated. I have used it in my creative process on many of my projects spanning from Artist tracks, to video games for companies like EA Sports and CD Projekt Red. It’s is a great addition to my arsenal”

– Konrad Oldmoney (RZA, EA Sports, CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk)